Consultancy and research

Consultancy at Trans Africa provides inventive and innovative solutions to solve your immediate problems or develop futuristic opportunities.

Consultancy instantly connects your organization with specialized academic expertise in a wide range of disciplines. It helps not only to meet your requirements for scientific and technical skills that are not held in-house, but also to promote your strategic goals, market inputs, concept development, efficiency enhancement and business growth.

A dedicated consultancy team in the Business Development Office offers you an informed entry point into the college that can help define your business needs and interests, find appropriate academic expertise, and provide ongoing advice and support for collaboration.

With world-class expertise and state-of-the-art facilities at our fingertips, the college is perfectly positioned to provide timely and novel solutions to your business. Whatever your sector or geographical location, our internationally renowned academics and flexible resources can be mobilised rapidly and effectively to meet any intellectual challenge.

The college prides itself on offering services that are both flexible and tailor made, adapted to specific needs

We strive to develop deep, honest and trusting relationship with our clients and partners - indeed we see our 'consultancy' work more of a two-way collaboration where we both learn throughout the project. Our work broadly fits into the following

  • Identify, implement and develop the most appropriate business systems.
  • Change your strategic direction.
  • Recognise and pursue new opportunities.
  • Improve your business operations.
  • Strengthen your policies and procedures.
  • Assist with legal compliance.
  • Establish a presence in a new market.
  • Understand your customers or your competitors.
  • Rebrand and develop your marketing strategy.
  • Evaluate the impact of your current policies.