Marketing Division

Marketing at Trans Africa is responsible for driving the development and implementation of brand and promotional strategies with the aim to position the college effectively within the marketplace and to attract and convert prospective students. The Marketing team provide informed data to support and influence the development of product and pricing strategies, providing an in-depth understanding of the sector, competitors and the customer.

The Division drives and manages marketing channels including digital channels (eMarketing, social media), events, advertising, merchandise, and others to deliver on marketing activities. Marketing leads and manages the visual presence design, structure and messaging of all marketing channels. For further information about the Visual and Editorial Style Guides, information on university font use and Trans Africa logos, please send an email to With a strong focus on the customer and digital first thinking, the Marketing Division works collaboratively with key marketing and other college stakeholders to deliver integrated marketing campaigns.

Marketing is made up of four key areas, digital and communication services, brand, student recruitment and market research.

Advertising plays a central role in communicating Trans Africa’s corporate identity and market positioning.

The Marketing Division facilitates the placement of all Trans Africa advertisements in print and electronic media, except for staff recruitment advertisements (which are placed by Human Resources).

By liaising with Faculties, Schools and Divisions on copy, content and style of advertisements, we work to maximise effectiveness, minimise cost and ensure consistency with the Trans Africa corporate style.

All Trans Africa College advertising must be placed through the Marketing Division For further information, please contact: